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Cat bites: As serious or more serious than bites from dogs

Despite the fact that many people discuss dog bites when they think of animal bites, the truth is that cat bites are as dangerous or potentially even more so when it comes to infection. Cat bites, specifically those to the hands, can cause serious infections that impact your life in a variety of ways.

Cat bites can lead to serious bacterial infections, according to Mayo Clinic, and these are difficult to treat. The infections most often occur in puncture wounds, so they're deep in the hand. The punctures close over quickly, but since the wound does not bleed as much as a wider wound, it's more likely to retain dangerous bacteria.

How can motorcyclists avoid risks this spring?

As the spring approaches, it's time to start thinking about motorcycle safety. More people are heading out onto the roads as the weather warms, and there are many risks to consider.

Spring is unpredictable, and that's something to keep in mind when you head out. Bad weather can hit in an instant, and that puts you and others at risk of being involved in an accident. Rainstorms make the roads slick. Make sure your tires have good tread. Additionally, be vigilant when the rain is heavy because larger vehicles take longer to stop. If a driver doesn't see you, he or she could slide on the wet ground and crash into you. Remember that even if the rain has stopped, the roads may still be slick.

These tips help you avoid crashes with dangerous drivers

The last sounds you heard were screeching tires and the crunching of metal, and now you have found yourself with a crumpled vehicle with all your airbags deployed. You suffered some injuries, and you were taken for medical care. Now, you need to focus on filing your claim so that you can get the compensation you deserve from the reckless driver.

It's sad, but true, that most accidents are avoidable. Here are a few tips for staying safe when you're headed back out on the road.

Complications that can arise from animal bites

Many people fear diseases such as rabies or tetanus when they're bitten by an animal, but there are other complications that are much more common. For instance, deep puncture wounds make it possible for bacteria to gather and get trapped in the body. This can cause deep infections that are difficult to treat. For this reason, those who suffer a dog or cat bite may need to have the wound disinfected or cleaned in a surgical procedure.

One infection that can result if a joint or bone is infected is called osteomyelitis. It is better known as septic arthritis. This infection progresses quickly in most cases. It causes the skin to swell and become red, and the pain intensifies as time goes on.

What are the most common injuries in a motorcycle accident?

A motorcycle accident is not only dangerous but potentially life-threatening. When you lose control of your motorcycle or collide with a vehicle, there are several things that could happen. You could hit the vehicle head-on, slide on the road or be thrown from your motorcycle. In each case, you face a series of significant injuries.

You can reduce your risk of injuries by wearing a helmet and appropriate riding gear at all times. After looking at a collection of data from emergency room visits for non-fatal crashes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the highest risk of injury is to the feet and legs. Around 30 percent of those in non-fatal collisions or crashes suffered injuries to the lower extremities.

Dog bites: The risk of infection is high for victims

Dog bites pose many risks beyond the initial punctures and tears. The American Pet Product Manufacturers Association states that there are around 77.5 million dogs in the U.S. Around 2 percent of people are bitten annually, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The most at-risk group of people are those between the ages of 5 and 9 years old. Boys are particularly at risk for being bitten. Around half of bites are considered to be unprovoked, with the number of bites seeming to grow in dogs that have not yet been neutered.

Man leads police on chase while transporting 4-year-old child

Two New Hampshire state troopers, their K-9 companion and a suspect fell into ice on Milton Three Ponds following an extended chase through the states of Maine and New Hampshire. According to the story from Jan. 27, the suspect had been fleeing from Maine with a child in the back seat of his Chevy 2500 pick-up truck.

The officers reported to Kittery, Maine, where the driver attempted to push their cruiser off the road. The Chevy slowed and stopped briefly before speeding away. The officer did not follow, but shortly therafter, it was seen against in Eliot, Maine. The driver was still behaving erratically, and the police again attempted to stop the vehicle. The truck got away a second time.

Hurt on a road construction site? You can get the help you need

Working in construction is dangerous, especially when you're near moving traffic. Here are some facts about road construction sites and what you should do if you've been injured.

What are some common road construction accidents?

Children and the elderly: Awards for wrongful deaths

When an elderly person or child is killed because of negligent actions, the family of that person can file a wrongful death claim against the negligent party. One of the things to remember about these claims is that children and elderly adults are treated slightly differently by the courts. In any wrongful death case, you have to consider how much the person is worth, even though that can be a difficult thing to try to discuss.

While no person's worth can be based in financial earnings alone, the person's potential earnings or lack thereof makes a difference to the case.

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