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Newmarket, NH

Newmarket Mills building aerial view on Lamprey River on Main Street in historic town center of Newmarket, New Hampshire

Newmarket NH is a picturesque town tucked away in the northeastern region of Rockingham County. Here lies the Lamprey River, meandering along its banks and surrounded by Durham to the northeast, Newfields to the northwest, Stratham to the south and Exeter to southwest. Boasting an impressive 8.8 square kilometers (or 3.4 square miles) with approximately 9 thousand inhabitants – this scenic enclave makes for an ideal getaway!

Newmarket has an illustrious past stretching all the way back to 16th century, when it was first established as part of Exeter. This picturesque town eventually became officially incorporated in 1727 and consequently blossomed into a center for industry and commercialism. During the 1800s, its mills created everything from calico to woolen blankets and hosiery – making Newmarket widely known throughout the region!

Currently, this enchanting area is composed of residential areas intermixed with industrial zones and commercial districts alike.

Newmarket offers a vivid downtown area, with plenty of shopping and dining options as well as cultural attractions. Throughout the year, visitors can take part in events such as the Heritage Festival that highlights Newmarket’s history and culture. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is Lamprey River for fishing, kayaking or other recreational activities to enjoy during your stay!

Nestled in the heart of New England, Newmarket is a quaint town that exudes a strong sense of community and history. Tourists and locals alike flock to this picturesque area for its captivating natural beauty as well as its irresistible small-town charm.


Newmarket NH is a true representation of all that makes up the enchanting atmosphere of New England. It boasts an incredible past dating back to colonial times and its location alongside the Lamprey River provides breathtaking views. The perfect balance between natural splendor, industrial culture and quaint charm will leave you in awe!

Located conveniently near some of the best tourist attractions in the state, such as Portsmouth, White Mountains and the seacoast – Newmarket is an ideal base for any sort of exploration. It’s also home to a variety of local amenities that are sure to make it your new favorite place! Whether you’re someone who loves being outdoors, enjoys history or simply want a peaceful getaway – Newmarket has something special just waiting to be discovered by you.

Newmarket NH History:

Newmarket, NH has a long history that dates back to the 17th century when Native American tribes populated the area. Later in 1650s Europeans began settling there and by 1680, sawmill was constructed on Lamprey River which would become an economic pillar of this community.

In 1727, Newmarket was officially incorporated as a separate town, and by the mid-1800s, the town had become a center of industrial activity, with numerous textile mills and shoe factories in operation. The Cocheco Manufacturing Company, founded in 1812, was the largest employer in town and produced a variety of goods, including calico, woolen blankets, and hosiery.

During the Civil War, Newmarket played a significant role in supporting the Union effort. Many of the town’s residents served in the military, and the mills produced clothing, blankets, and other supplies for the troops.

In the 20th century, Newmarket’s economy shifted away from manufacturing, and the town became a hub for transportation and retail. The construction of the New Hampshire Route 108 bypass in the 1960s helped to spur development and growth in the area, leading to the construction of shopping centers and other commercial facilities.

If you’re looking to explore a place with an abundance of history, Newmarket is the spot. Every year, the town hosts numerous festivities and attractions commemorating its past – from The Newmarket Heritage Festival to Lamprey River Mills Historic District. Plus, visitors can tour historic sites such as Stone School Museum and Millspace Arts & Cultural Centre for a more immersive experience!

Newmarket NH Geography and Climate:

Boasting a total area of 3.4 square miles (8.8 km2), Newmarket, New Hampshire is located in the northeast corner of Rockingham County and situated along the banks of the Lamprey River. This small town shares its borders with Durham to the north-east, Stratham to southward, Exeter southwestwards and Newfields northwestly – providing an idyllic backdrop for all sorts of activities!

The picturesque Newmarket is known for its rolling hills and woodlands, with the Lamprey River winding through the town’s center to create a perfect spot for fishing, boating or other outdoor pursuits. Additionally, it lies in close proximity to several state parks and conservation spots such as Pawtuckaway State Park and Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge – offering citizens of all ages a wealth of attractions just waiting to be explored!

Newmarket is enveloped by a humid continental climate, with cold winters and balmy summers. January temperatures range from 16°F to 32°F (-9°C to 0°C), while July’s span 60-80 °F (16-27 °C). Annually, the town receives 46 inches (117 cm) of snowfall and 44 inches (112 cm) of rainfall. The Atlantic Ocean generously moderates the temperature year round and fertilizes the area with ample precipitation.

Newmarket NH Business and Economy:

From its origins in textile mills and shoe factories, the business climate of Newmarket, New Hampshire has diversified to include a variety of service-based industries – from healthcare and education to retail. This shift brings new opportunities for growth as well as a more dynamic local economy.

The healthcare sector is a significant contributor to the local economy, with the Lamprey Health Care Center and the Rockingham Visiting Nurse Association both operating in the town. The education sector is also a significant employer, with the University of New Hampshire’s campus in nearby Durham providing employment opportunities for residents.

Retail is another important industry in Newmarket, with several shopping centers and stores located in the town. The historic downtown area is home to a variety of small businesses, including restaurants, cafes, and specialty shops, and hosts events such as the weekly farmers’ market and the annual Heritage Festival.

Newmarket also has a growing arts and culture scene, with several galleries, theaters, and cultural centers located in the town. The Millspace Arts and Cultural Center, housed in a former textile mill, provides a venue for concerts, exhibits, and other performances.

The business and economic environment in Newmarket is ever-evolving, with a blend of small to large corporations bolstering the town’s progress. Furthermore, its nearness to key urban centers and transportation channels has helped draw fresh investments and businesses lately.

Newmarket NH Attractions and Activities:

If you’re searching for a place full of exciting activities and attractions, Newmarket, New Hampshire is the perfect destination! From outdoor recreation to historic landmarks, there’s something here that everyone will love. Here are just some of the amazing sights and experiences this delightful town has in store:

  1. Lamprey River: The Lamprey River is the focal point of Newmarket and offers opportunities for fishing, boating, and other recreational activities. The Lamprey River Greenway Trail, a 3.8-mile paved trail that runs along the river, provides scenic views and access to local parks and amenities.
  2. Newmarket Millspace: The Millspace Arts and Cultural Center, housed in a renovated textile mill, offers a variety of exhibits, concerts, and performances throughout the year.
  3. Stone School Museum: The Stone School Museum is a local history museum located in a former one-room schoolhouse. It features exhibits on Newmarket’s industrial heritage and the town’s role in the Civil War.
  4. Newmarket Farmers’ Market: The Newmarket Farmers’ Market, held every Saturday during the summer months, offers a variety of locally grown produce, handmade crafts, and other goods.
  5. Heron Point Wildlife Sanctuary: The Heron Point Wildlife Sanctuary, located on the shores of Great Bay, is a nature preserve that offers hiking trails and opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife observation.
  6. Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge: The Great Bay National Wildlife Refuge, located just outside of Newmarket, offers opportunities for hiking, wildlife observation, and other outdoor activities.
  7. New Hampshire Seacoast: Newmarket is located just a short drive from the New Hampshire Seacoast, which offers beaches, parks, and historic sites such as the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse and the Strawbery Banke Museum.

Newmarket offers a rich tapestry of outdoor escapades, traditional attractions and cultural encounters that ought to leave any visitor enthralled.

Newmarket NH Dining and Shopping:

From scrumptious cuisine to stylish boutiques, Newmarket, New Hampshire is the perfect destination for a shopping and dining extravaganza. Here are some of the most popular places you won’t want to miss on your visit:


  1. The Joinery: The Joinery is a popular farm-to-table restaurant located in the heart of downtown Newmarket. They serve a variety of creative dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.
  2. Stone Church Music Club: The Stone Church Music Club is a historic venue that features live music and a full-service restaurant and bar. They offer a variety of pub-style food, such as burgers and sandwiches.
  3. Crackskull’s Coffee and Books: Crackskull’s is a cozy coffee shop that also serves a variety of baked goods, sandwiches, and salads. They often feature live music and other events.
  4. Riverworks Restaurant and Tavern: Riverworks is a casual restaurant and bar located on the Lamprey River. They offer a variety of pub-style food and a selection of local beers on tap.


  1. The Flower Room: The Flower Room is a locally owned flower shop that offers a variety of fresh flowers, plants, and gifts.
  2. The Stone School Museum Gift Shop: The Stone School Museum Gift Shop offers a variety of locally made crafts, souvenirs, and books on Newmarket’s history.
  3. Lilise Designer Resale: Lilise is a consignment shop that offers a variety of high-end designer clothing and accessories for women.
  4. Off Piste: Off Piste is a boutique that offers a variety of women’s clothing, accessories, and gifts.

In beautiful Newmarket, you are invited to explore the vast selection of dining and shopping options. From cozy coffee shops to trendy boutiques—there is something for everyone! Enjoy your stay in this captivating town full of endless possibilities!

Newmarket NH Real Estate and Living:

For those seeking an idyllic locale with a captivating past, natural splendor, and accessible location – look no further than Newmarket, New Hampshire. Read on to discover more about the real estate scene in this vibrant area and what life is like here:

Real Estate:

The median home price in Newmarket is currently around $400,000, which is slightly higher than the national average. The real estate market in Newmarket is competitive, with many homes selling quickly and some going for above asking price. The town offers a mix of historic homes, newer construction, and rental apartments.


Newmarket is a small town with a population of just over 9,000 residents. It has a strong sense of community, with many local events and activities throughout the year, including the Heritage Festival, the farmers’ market, and the annual Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance ArtWalk. The town is also known for its excellent schools, including the Newmarket Junior-Senior High School, which is ranked among the top high schools in New Hampshire.

The town is situated along the Lamprey River and offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, fishing, and boating. It is also conveniently located near major metropolitan areas such as Portsmouth, Manchester, and Boston, making it an ideal place for those who want to enjoy a small town lifestyle while still being close to urban amenities.

Newmarket is the perfect town for those who appreciate small-town living and natural beauty, thanks to its high quality of life and strong community spirit.

Newmarket NH Education and Employment:



Newmarket has an excellent education system, with highly-rated public schools and several private schools in the area. The town is served by the Newmarket School District, which includes an elementary school, a middle school, and a junior-senior high school. The Newmarket Junior-Senior High School has been recognized as one of the top high schools in New Hampshire by U.S. News & World Report.

In addition to traditional public schools, Newmarket also has several alternative education options, including a Montessori school and a Waldorf-inspired school. There are also several higher education institutions in the area, including the University of New Hampshire and Great Bay Community College.


Newmarket has a diverse economy, with opportunities in healthcare, education, manufacturing, and technology. The town is home to several small businesses and startups, as well as larger employers such as SIG SAUER and Lamprey Health Care.

Newmarket is also conveniently located near several major metropolitan areas, including Portsmouth, Manchester, and Boston, which offer additional employment opportunities. The town is easily accessible via several major highways, including Interstate 95 and the Spaulding Turnpike.

Newmarket is a great choice for those looking to experience small town living with access to a variety of job opportunities. It’s the perfect place to balance work, life and leisure!

Newmarket NH Transportation:

Newmarket, New Hampshire is a city that largely revolves around vehicles; however, they also offer public transit as an alternative choice of transportation.


Newmarket is located near several major highways, including Interstate 95 and the Spaulding Turnpike, making it easily accessible to other parts of New Hampshire and neighboring states. The town also has several state routes running through it, including Route 108 and Route 152.

Public Transportation:

The town is served by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s bus service, which provides public transportation to nearby towns and cities. The Wildcat Transit bus system also provides service to the University of New Hampshire campus and surrounding areas.

Biking and Walking:

Newmarket is a walkable and bike-friendly town, with several miles of multi-use trails and bike lanes. The town is also part of the East Coast Greenway, a trail network that runs from Maine to Florida.


The nearest airport to Newmarket is Portsmouth International Airport at Pease, which is located about 12 miles away. The airport offers flights to several major cities in the Northeast, including New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Although Newmarket’s primary method of transportation is via car, there are also public transport options and bike-friendly infrastructure for those who prefer greener alternatives.

Newmarket NH Community and Events:

The close-knit community of Newmarket, NH hosts a plethora of events and activities throughout the year. Here’s what you can enjoy if you are fortunate to call this wonderful town your home:

Community Events:

  • Heritage Festival: This annual festival celebrates Newmarket’s history and culture with live music, food, and activities for all ages.
  • Lamprey Arts and Culture Alliance (LACA) ArtWalk: This annual event showcases local artists and their work in various venues throughout the town.
  • Farmers’ Market: Held weekly during the summer months, the Newmarket Farmers’ Market offers a variety of fresh, locally grown produce and other goods.
  • Holiday Events: Newmarket hosts several holiday events throughout the year, including a tree lighting ceremony and a Halloween parade.

Community Organizations:

  • Lamprey Health Care: This non-profit organization provides comprehensive healthcare services to residents of Newmarket and the surrounding communities.
  • Newmarket Community Church: This historic church hosts regular services and community events, including a community breakfast and a food pantry.
  • Newmarket Main Street Corporation: This organization works to promote and revitalize the downtown area through various events and initiatives.
  • Newmarket Recreation Department: This department offers a variety of programs and activities for all ages, including sports leagues, fitness classes, and summer camps.

Newmarket is a vibrant and welcoming community that provides plenty of chances for locals to become involved, bond with their neighbours, and take part in various activities. From cultural gatherings to social clubs, there are numerous ways they can strengthen the sense of belonging within this city.

Newmarket NH Sustainability:

Newmarket, New Hampshire is dedicated to sustainability and has implemented a variety of projects aimed at promoting ecological responsibility and decreasing the town’s carbon footprint. Here are some examples:

  • Energy Efficiency: The town has made significant investments in energy-efficient infrastructure and equipment, including LED streetlights and a geothermal heating and cooling system for the town hall.
  • Renewable Energy: Newmarket has several solar installations, including a solar array on the roof of the town hall that provides a significant portion of the building’s energy needs.
  • Recycling and Composting: The town has a comprehensive recycling program and offers curbside pickup for recycling and compostable materials.
  • Sustainable Land Use: Newmarket has a conservation commission that works to preserve open space and natural resources in the town, and has implemented zoning regulations to encourage sustainable development and discourage sprawl.
  • Alternative Transportation: The town has bike lanes and multi-use trails that encourage walking and biking, and also supports the use of electric vehicles by providing charging stations at several locations in town.

As a whole, Newmarket is devoted to sustainability and has launched several initiatives that reduce its environmental footprint while fostering a more sustainable atmosphere for the future.

Places To See and Things To Do In Newmarket NH:

Newmarket, New Hampshire is a beautiful and bustling town that offers all sorts of exciting attractions and activities for guests, as well as locals. Check out some of the must-see places and fun activities you can engage in while visiting or living in this amazing town:

  1. Visit the Newmarket Millspace: This former textile mill has been converted into a community arts center and features galleries, performance spaces, and artist studios.
  2. Explore the Lamprey River: The Lamprey River runs through Newmarket and offers opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and hiking along its banks.
  3. Visit the Stone Church: This historic building was once a church and is now a popular music venue, hosting concerts and events throughout the year.
  4. Take a hike: There are several hiking trails in and around Newmarket, including the Piscassic Greenway Trail and the Heron Point Trail, both of which offer scenic views of the surrounding countryside.
  5. Attend a local event: Newmarket hosts several events throughout the year, including the Heritage Festival, the LACA ArtWalk, and a weekly farmers’ market.
  6. Visit the Newmarket Historical Society: The society’s museum is located in a historic home and features exhibits on the town’s history and culture.
  7. Enjoy local dining and shopping: Newmarket has a vibrant downtown area with many locally owned restaurants and shops, offering a wide range of dining and shopping experiences.

Newmarket offers a plethora of opportunities for locals and tourists alike, with endless chances to enjoy recreation in the great outdoors, attend captivating cultural events, or indulge yourself at one of its many delicious eateries.

Newmarket NH Healthcare Options:

From hospitals to pharmacies, Newmarket, New Hampshire has a wide range of health care facilities and providers available for both locals and visitors. Here are some of the top medical centers that can be found in town:

  1. Lamprey Health Care: This non-profit organization provides comprehensive healthcare services to residents of Newmarket and the surrounding communities, including medical, dental, and behavioral health services.
  2. Exeter Hospital: Located just a few miles from Newmarket, Exeter Hospital offers a range of medical services, including emergency care, surgery, and cancer care.
  3. Core Physicians: This group of primary care and specialty physicians has several locations in the Seacoast area, including a clinic in Newmarket.
  4. ConvenientMD: This urgent care center provides walk-in medical services for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries.
  5. CVS MinuteClinic: Located within the CVS Pharmacy in Newmarket, the MinuteClinic provides basic medical services, including vaccinations, screenings, and minor illness treatment.

In sum, Newmarket residents can access a variety of healthcare services ranging from primary care and specialty physicians to urgent medical attention and emergency services.


With its verdant landscape, illustrious past, and energetic atmosphere, Newmarket is the quintessential place to get away from it all. Whether you’re looking to take in the majestic scenery with a nature walk or explore an array of cultural attractions within town – there’s something for everyone! Don’t forget to stroll through downtown where you can observe quaint cafes and shops that make up this unique destination.

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