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Drugged driving more dangerous than many think

| Sep 30, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents are caused by many different factors. Distracted driving, speeding and drunk driving all contribute to their fair share of car accidents in New Hampshire, but a new study discusses the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and how drugged driving has increased during the last few years due to prescription drug abuse.

The new study reported that drugged driving is very dangerous and increases the risk of getting into a fatal car accident. In addition to the dangers of drugged driving, the study found that drivers who use drugs and alcohol before getting behind the wheel are 23 times more likely to be killed in a crash.

The researchers reported that drivers who use drugs are three times more likely to be in a fatal car accident compared to drivers who test negative for drugs. Interestingly, the study found that certain drugs were more dangerous for drivers to take than other drugs. The researchers said that depressants were the most likely to cause a fatal car accident, with stimulants, marijuana and narcotics following as the most dangerous and most commonly used by drivers in the study.

Drugged driving is very risky and makes it difficult for drivers to stay safe on the road. Not surprisingly, drivers under the influence of alcohol and drugs have the highest risk of being in a fatal car accident.

Many traffic safety efforts have focused on preventing drunk driving accidents in the U.S. However, the new study shows that drivers who use both alcohol and drugs have a bigger risk of crashing than just drivers who use alcohol or drugs alone so safety efforts may want to focus on drugged driving as well to keep everyone safe on the road.

Source: HealthDay News, “Drugged Driving Plays Major Role in Traffic Deaths,” Sept. 27, 2013


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