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Immigrant will now face charges over fatal motorcycle accident

| Nov 8, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, readers may have followed the case of a motorcycle accident that occurred in 2011. According to the news from Nov. 5, an illegal immigrant has been accused of killing a man who was on his motorcycle when their vehicle impacted. The news states that the immigrant had been drunk when he hit the 23-year-old man and dragged him for about a half a mile.

Reports show that the man has not been placed before a trial thus far because he was unable to comprehend the legal proceedings in the United States. The man is allegedly an immigrant from Ecuador and did not speak English. A judge has ruled that the man is now able to stand trial, since he was taught English over the course of several months. Since he is competent and can understand what is happening, the case is set to go to trial within the next year.

According to the attorney for the immigrant, he claims that he is not a bad person and that the accident just happened. If it is proven that he was drunk at the time of the motorcycle accident, that may not be the way the court sees it. The judge has made the decision to allow the trial to move forward, and the immigrant faces second-degree murder charges according to the reports. If convicted, the man may face life behind bars.

If you’re injured when driving your motorcycle due to another person’s neglect, drunken behavior or mistakes, you shouldn’t face the burden of your medical bills, repairs to your vehicle or other problems on your own. You may be entitled to compensation, and in some instances, may be able to help take a dangerous driver off the roads.

Source: 7 News, “Milford suspect, Guaman deemed fit to stand trial” Steve Cooper, Nov. 05, 2013


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