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Pit bull returned after causing injuries; then, kills its owner

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2013 | Animal Bites |

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, readers may love or hate dogs, but the recent news about a pit bull causing a person’s death might seem surprising. Although dog bite injuries can happen with any breed, pit bulls tend to make the news. In this recent case, the 56-year-old owner of the dog was allegedly killed when the dog attacked her.

The report from Nov. 4 states that the woman was not home alone at the time of the accident; her husband was there. The report states that he tried to revive the woman with CPR after the attack, but he was unsuccessful. No one is sure why the dog attacked, but this was not the first time, according to the news. Previously, the dog had attacked and bit the woman’s grandson, according to the reports, and it was blamed on food being dropped on the floor. After the dog received its rabies shots and sat through quarantine, it was returned to the woman who has now been killed.

The Baltimore City Health Department oversees animal control in the city, and animal control has now seized the pit bull involved in this horrible incident. The animal control officers had allegedly returned the dog in the past because they didn’t believe it was a threat to the public.

When a dog is allowed to be loose in a home or yard, you should expect that it has all its shots, a good temperament and is sociable. When a dog viciously attacks you, there is no reason that the owner and animal should not be held accountable for the injuries you’ve suffered. If you’ve been attacked by a dog, you might want to consider looking into your legal options to discuss what you want to do about living near a dangerous animal.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Dog Who Killed Owner Had Attacked Before” Meredith Cohn and Julie Scharper, Nov. 04, 2013


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