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Officer injured in motorcycle accident during traffic stop

| Dec 12, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents |

If you like to keep up on law enforcement news, you might be interested in the story of a woman who was struck while conducting a traffic stop on her motorcycle. The officer involved in this accident had been recently featured in the American Police Motorcycle Museum in New Hampshire, which has been dedicated to highlighting the female motor officers all over the United States. The motorcycle accident has left her badly injured with multiple broken bones.

According to news from Dec. 4, the woman has sustained non-life-threatening injuries, and she was awake and able to talk. The news report states that the officer was working on Sanford Avenue just after 3:30 p.m., and she had a car pulled over on the southbound shoulder. It was then that a vehicle going northbound made a left-hand turn and struck her. The motorcycle officer had to be taken to Orlando Regional Medical, and she has suffered from multiple broken bones from the accident, according to the news. At this time, the Florida Highway Patrol is going to be looking into the situation

The information about this policewoman states that she is the only female motor officer in her department at the Sanford Police Department. She has worked there for 11 years and has been a motor officer for around three and a half of those years. She was recently featured in the American Police Motorcycle Museum exhibit in New Hampshire, which was used to help highlight women in the workforce.

Motorcycles are sometimes dangerous, because it’s hard to see them and they offer little protection against vehicles. If you’ve been hit due to a driver’s negligence, you might want to look into your legal options for reparation.

Source: The Sanford Herald, “Motor officer seriously injured in traffic crash” Rachel Delinski, Dec. 04, 2013


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