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Pit bull allegedly attacks and lunges at postal workers

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2013 | Animal Bites |

Animal bites can be very serious. In this case, a pit bull has the U.S. Postal Service worried to the point that the employees aren’t able to deliver mail when the dog is nearby. The post office claims that it can no longer deliver to Concord, New Hampshire’s Cornell Street because of this feisty and dangerous dog.

The Dec. 16 report claims that the post office hasn’t delivered the mail to the street for over a year, because a 4-year-old boxer-pit-bull mix has become too dangerous. The post office claims that there have been three incidents where animal bites were a threat; the dog allegedly lunged at the postal employee each time with barred teeth. The dog was allegedly loose on the property, and the carrier barely escaped injury.

To say that the mail isn’t delivered at all isn’t true; the mail is still delivered to mailboxes that have been moved to new locations on the street. Neighbors could also choose to pick up mail at the post office. The risk of injury in this case has the post office concerned, since a personal injury from a dog attack could lead to serious pain and suffering.

If a mail person were to be bitten, some might consider it to be negligence. Dogs that aren’t restrained have the potential to injure those around them, especially when they’re untrained. It’s important that those with pets keep them, and others, safe. If you’ve been injured by a dog that attacked you, you should consider speaking with an experienced person injury attorney about your legal recourse for compensation. Such claims might include those for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

Source: The Concord Monitor, “Citing dangerous pit bull, post office suspends delivery to Concord’s Cornell Street” Jeremy Blackman, Dec. 15, 2013


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