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New Hampshire traffic fatalities grow

| Jan 23, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

Car accidents, along with other types of collisions, that lead to the death of a loved one can be devastating and emotional. During times like these, it’s wise to consider your legal options, because there are often paths you can take toward recovering costs associated with the accident. If you have experienced the wrongful death of a loved one and worry about how you will pay for medical expenses or funeral costs, an attorney may be able to help.

According to state police in New Hampshire, road fatalities in our state spiked in 2013. Last year had the highest number of deaths related to vehicular accidents, with 133 people dying in 122 accidents. According to the commander of the state police special services unit, fatalities are up 20 percent from the rates in 2012. Because of this, lawmakers have been considering introducing laws that will penalize distracted driving.

Reports state that the main causes behind the traffic deaths are what most people would expect: drug or alcohol impaired driving, the failure to use seatbelts, distracted driving and speeding were all major causes. The commander claims that around 28 percent of these fatal crashes could be due to distracted driving, although he can’t be sure because people generally don’t admit when they’ve caused an accident due to being on a phone or other device. He also believes that a third or more of accidents are caused by impaired driving.

Among the proposed laws in New Hampshire that would penalize drivers who are distracted is a ban on hand-held cellphone use. Another one would prohibit all electronic devices and all forms of distracted driving, from putting on makeup to using a phone. A third proposed bill includes banning cellphone use by those driving taxis, school buses or livery vehicles. If you’ve been hurt by distracted driving in the past, then these new bills may be welcome. It’s important that you make sure to report any incident involving distracted driving, especially if you’re injured.

Source: Ledger Enquirer, “NH crash fatalities reach 5-year high in 2013” Lynne Tuohy, Jan. 19, 2014


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