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Police kill dog after alleged dog bite injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2014 | Animal Bites |

New Hampshire readers should be aware that if your dog bites someone, you could be liable for any expenses that come about due to medical bills. The same goes for if you’re bitten; you may be able to seek compensation for the attack and your injuries. A Dec. 20 report claims that a dog has been shot and killed due to two related dog bite injuries. It was reported that both an animal control officer and postal worker were injured by the animal.

The report claims that the police in Aberdeen, South Dakota, had to shoot a dog after it bit a mail carrier and an animal control officer called to the scene. According to the police, the dog was a pit bull, and it attacked the carrier as well as the animal control investigator who came to the scene to investigate the incident. Both of the people hurt had to be treated for their injuries, according to the news, but the dog was not injured at the time. The police reported that the dog was actually taken to an animal shelter after the attacks.

After the dog was at the shelter, it allegedly got free. Since it was unable to be recaptured, police reported that they had to shoot it. It had gotten loose and was headed toward housing areas; police reported that the shooting was in the best interest of the public.

A dog bite can leave you scarred and terribly injured in some cases. If you’ve been injured by an animal attack, you may want to look into your options for seeking compensation.

Source: The Republic, “Aberdeen police shoot and kill dog after animal bites mail carrier and animal control officer” No author given, Dec. 20, 2013


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