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Dog bites result in child’s injuries

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2014 | Animal Bites |

If you have been attacked by a dog, you probably want someone to pay for your pain and suffering. In many cases, the dog in question will be quarantined and may even be put down. Particularly violent cases aren’t common in New Hampshire, but violent animals can attack anywhere, resulting in dog bites or other injuries.

After a young child was attacked by a dog on Feb. 9, the public health director in Asheboro, North Carolina, discovered some interesting things about the pet and its owner. The story claims that the county officials had to seize the Rottweiler due to the attack, but not because it was sick or hadn’t been quarantined. The department director claimed that the dog had been violent in the past, and that meant that it would need to be held until Feb. 19, be classified as a dangerous animal, and have special requirements that the owner must meet to keep him at his home.

According to the story, the initial attack resulted in a child being injured, and the owner of the dog rushed the child to the hospital for treatment. The child was not seriously injured, according to the news, but medical records for children aren’t made public. The animal’s shot records were up to date, according to the story, and because it was believed that the dog had never attacked before, it was allowed to return home with its owner. It was required to have the dog quarantined and for the owner to contact the department every day over the course of 10 days to verify its location and health.

Surprisingly, it later turned up that the dog had been involved in attacks before. One happened in 2010, and the second attack happened in 2013. The second attack had also led to quarantine. Normally, this dog was allegedly locked up in a cage, but it had somehow gotten out, putting the child at risk.

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