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Fatalities up in New Hampshire; new laws may be passed

| Feb 14, 2014 | Wrongful Death |

If you’ve lost a loved one in an accident, then you may wonder what you can do about it. In a wrongful death case, you may be able to seek compensation. Of course, in New Hampshire, you aren’t alone. In fact, in 2013, crash fatalities reached a 5-year-high, and that could be upsetting to many readers.

Why are these accidents and deaths spiking? According to the news, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distractions, speed and the failure to use seat belts are all still the most common causes of death in accidents. The authorities reported that 133 people were killed in 122 accidents in 2013, which is 20 percent higher than in 2012.

One lieutenant who is the commander of state police special services units, claims that he thinks around 28 percent of these fatal accidents over the last six years have been from distracted driving, but he didn’t have an exact number for how many of those could have included hand-held devices, like cellphones.

With the rise in accidents, lawmakers have been looking to introduce proposals that would punish distracted driving, and this could have a direct effect on you. In some states, for instance, hand-held device use in a vehicle is prohibited while you drive, and this could soon be a rule in New Hampshire as well. One potential legislation measure would limit cellphone use when driving and prohibit it for under 18.

It’s shocking to think that a bus driver or taxi driver would use a cellphone while carrying passengers in the vehicle, but they do sometimes. A new bill would ban cellphone use by school bus, livery and taxi drivers, making it safer not only for you on the roads, but also your children.

Source: Claims Journal, “Crash Fatalities in New Hampshire Reach 5-Year High in 2013” Lynne Tuohy, Jan. 22, 2014


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