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Detective’s hit-and-run hearing delayed

| Mar 5, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A former detective was involved in a hit-and-run car accident that seriously injured a teenager. He has since lost his job and is now awaiting his trial, which was recently delayed by two weeks. The reason for the delay is that the mother of one of the boys who was hit by the detective’s car was sick, so she was not able to attend the hearing; she had a desire and a right to be there. The date was pushed back to allow her to recover and then come to the hearing.

The accident took place when two boys were walking along the side of the road. The detective was driving an unmarked car, an SUV, and he hit both of the boys. One suffered serious injures that led to bleeding in the brain when he reportedly flew over the top of the car. The other was not injured physically to the same extent, but he did have a lot of emotional trauma from the car accident because he thought that he was watching his friend die.

Neither boy was killed, but the detective continued driving, fleeing from the scene of the crime. The police later interviewed him and he lied, saying that he had been at his house. Even now, he has stated that he did not know that he hit them, but admits that he should have known. He is expected to plead guilty to the charges when he actually arrives at the hearing.

When major injuries like this occur, the people who suffer have a right to compensation to allow them to cover the medical bills. These can often be very extensive for things like bleeding on the brain. Those who are not at fault should not be made to pay for the actions of others.

Source: New Hampshire Union Leader, “UPDATED: Sentencing hearing for former Manchester detective delayed” Mark Hayward, Mar. 04, 2014


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