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Pit bull attacks after alleged provocation

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2014 | Animal Bites |

This is an interesting story you might have heard about in New Hampshire, since a woman is defending her son’s dog for biting children it hurt. The pit bull was allegedly provoked when the children began screaming and kicking at the dog. What’s the most telling thing from her interview, though, is that the woman watching the dog says her ex has to put the dog outside because she can’t control it.

The woman has been taking care of the dog since her son was put in jail, the news reports. Her son had been jailed following a robbery in July. So what happened to make this dog go crazy? The woman’s ex-husband was letting the dog out at around 8:45 a.m. when the incident took place.

Two children had allegedly been screaming and kicking at the dog when it became aggressive and attacked the woman’s ex-husband. She then reportedly threw water on the dog to calm it down and told the children to hide. At some point, she claims that one of the boys were bitten.

Despite being on a leash, the dog allegedly ran down the street and chased a neighbor back onto his porch. The neighbor reported that he was walking down the street to catch the bus to work when he had to dive onto his porch to avoid the dog.

If a person can’t control a dog, should it be allowed outside on its own? You might have asked that question if you’ve been attacked by a dog before. Your injuries may have left you dealing with pain and time away from work, which can be frustrating. It’s possible that you can seek compensation; speaking with someone about your story may help you determine the right legal options.

Source: Syracuse, “Pit bull owner’s mother says kids provoked Syracuse dog attack that injured 2” Jacob Pucci, Jul. 16, 2014


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