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Get compensation for your crash in New Hampshire

| Aug 29, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Hit-and-run accidents, along with rear-ending collisions, can leave you and your loved ones with injuries that take time to heal. You could be left with medical bills and property damage that you’ll have to pay for. After your car accident, you have the right to look into a civil lawsuit, which could help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

When you have an attorney, he or she will work to get you insurance compensation. If that compensation isn’t favorable, then it may be time to head to court and file a claim instead. A rear-end accident in New Hampshire is typically the fault of the driver who struck you; your injuries should be covered by insurance or a claim.

Some typical injuries from rear-end collisions include spinal and neck injuries from whiplash, serious concussions or brain injuries and bruising or broken bones. Your vehicle may also be damaged and unable to be driven, leaving you with few ways to get to work, school or other activities.

Your expenses may be high; you’ll have to cover costs for medications to prevent infection or those to help reduce inflammation, for instance. You may also be forced to cover your hospitalization and surgery costs, along with any other expenses you accrue from traveling to get the help you need.

Lost wages, physical pain and suffering and emotional suffering are also covered through compensation cases in some instances. Whether you now face post-traumatic stress disorder from the crash or have ongoing medical issues that continue to need monitoring and pain management, you can learn more about your options here.

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