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Motorcyclist suffers injuries to her extremities in collision

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents |

In the summer months, motorcycles are often on the roadways. As a result, drivers do need to be more careful to prevent accidents. A woman from Massachusetts was recently injured in an accident that caused her to crash her motorcycle. The woman, a 44-year-old, had been riding her Yamaha motorcycle south on Route 30 when she collided with a car.

This kind of accident happens too often; a driver, thinking he or she has enough time, turns in front of a motorcyclist. Maybe the driver of the car didn’t see the motorcyclist at all. Drivers are responsible for being safe on the roadways, and when they aren’t, people like this woman can be badly hurt.

In her case, the 44-year-old woman had to be airlifted to the Dartmouth Hospital in New Hampshire where she was treated for serious injuries to her extremities. The accident, which took place at around 2:06 p.m., was investigated, and it was revealed that the 71-year-old driver of the Honda Fit had turned in front of the motorcyclist, failing to yield to the woman’s right of way.

This situation is unusual because police have not pressed any charges despite the way the accident happened being clear. It could be because the investigators want to look into the situation further, which would allow them to determine charges at a later date.

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident like this one, you don’t have to wait for police to charge the other driver. You have options, like seeking a civil lawsuit, that could help you get the compensation you need sooner than if you wait.

Source: The Manchester Journal, “Woman air lifted to Dartmouth following crash,” Aug. 11, 2014


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