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New Hampshire car accident results in minor injuries for students

| Sep 25, 2014 | Car Accidents |

In a recent news report, the video of a car striking a woman and her two children was released. The pedestrian accident took place outside a school, resulting in the two children, ages 6 and 9, having bumps and bruises. One of the two little girls ended up under the car during the accident.

The mother at the scene reported that she had only felt the car when she looked down and couldn’t find her daughters. She was able to pull out the one under the car with help from another parent. She couldn’t find her other daughter at first but a few moments later, the girl was found in nearby bushes. She had allegedly been thrown by the car.

The two children didn’t return to the school following the car accident, despite claims that they didn’t have any major injuries. The police reported to the scene that day and reported that the woman driving the car had been inside with her own children. They stated that they were investigating whether she had been distracted by her children or if she had trouble with her car’s brakes at the time of the accident. The police have not reported filing any charges against the woman.

Car accidents like this can result in more than just physical injuries. The emotional toll it takes on parents to see a child pinned under a car or thrown by the impact is immense. If you’ve been involved in a similar situation in New Hampshire, you may want to look into your legal rights. You may be able to bring a civil lawsuit against the negligent party.

Source: CBS Local Boston, “Video Shows Car Hitting NH Mom & 2 Kids Outside School” Michael Rosenfield, Sep. 11, 2014


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