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How do you receive a motorcycle recall in New Hampshire?

| Oct 23, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycles can be dangerous on the roads in New Hampshire, because they don’t offer the same protection as other vehicles. One of the most common issues that affects the public happens to be motor vehicle recalls, and this does also affect motorcyclists, a group already at risk of injury. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the manufacturers of the vehicles can recall the items.

When a recall is made, you need to understand what’s wrong. It could be a safety defect or noncompliance that led to the recall. On top of that, you need to know if any injuries have happened due to the recall or if you’re at risk of injury. There should also be a description of what the remedy to the recall is. For instance, replacing a pedal may make your bike functional again in the case of a sticky or defective pedal being the reason for the recall.

As a vehicle owner, you should be notified when a recall takes place. This will happen through a number of methods including the media, manufacturer webpages and through the NHTSA. Very importantly, if your motorcycle is at the center of a recall, the manufacturer is obligated to fix the defect at no cost to you, giving you a safer vehicle back.

Before scheduling fixes related to a recall, make sure you’re notified about your particular make and model. Not all models are always included in recalls, so you don’t want to have work done that isn’t necessary. If the recall costs you more than time, then you might want to seek information on ways to obtain compensation; likewise, if you’re injured, you need to report your injury and potentially file a lawsuit for compensation.

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