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Are wolf-hybrid pets allowed in New Hampshire?

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2014 | Animal Bites |

Wolves can be dangerous creatures, so when you find out a neighbor or friend has a wolf hybrid, you may be wondering if it’s legal in New Hampshire. Interestingly, it is, even though the animal could be dangerous to those around him.

A wolf hybrid is any canine that has a wolf as its ancestor within the last four generations, or it can be a hybrid if it is represented as such by the owner. That means that even dogs that aren’t related to wolves could be considered hybrids if the owner says it’s one, even if it’s not.

In New Hampshire, no one is able to sell or resell a wolf hybrid. They cannot be released into the wild, either. A wolf hybrid is, however, able to be purchased and imported into the state. The hybrid must be spayed or neutered and needs to have documents to prove that. These animals are also able to be brought into the state for competitions, but the owner must have licensing and vaccination records.

As a person who has suffered an attack from a wolf hybrid, you may not yet know who the owner is or the vaccination records of the animal. Many of these animals are microchipped by their owners due to their rarity, and most vets would be able to identify the owner in that manner. Once the owner is found, he or she should have all records for the animals on file as required by law, which allows you to get a full vaccination history. Without these documents on hand, you may have to go through painful rabies shots and other vaccinations. In any case involving animal bites, you should always look into your legal options immediately.

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