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Executive enters plea in fatal New Hampshire crash from 2013

| Feb 19, 2015 | Car Accidents |

If you remember a previous blog discussing a man who was trying to commit suicide when he struck and killed several people in a car accident, the case has once again come to the media’s attention. The man, a former executive, has entered a guilty plea in the case. The executive has admitted to killing a pregnant woman, her unborn child and her fiance when he struck them with his pickup truck in New Hampshire. This case is important because it has followed the situation of a man who was potentially trying to kill himself but instead, left others dead in his wake; it speaks volumes about letting those with mental troubles go unaided and shows the importance of vigilance on the roadways.

If you recall the original story, police had attended the scene of an accident where the man had driven his truck across several lanes of traffic, across a median and into oncoming traffic. Initially, the executive had only been charged with manslaughter, but that was raised to second-degree murder later in the case. His plea is for negligent homicide, which is a charge that has a lesser sentence in most cases. The prosecuting attorneys have requested a prison sentence for the man that could be between 12 and 24 years.

The attorney for the executive claims that the man wasn’t actually trying to commit suicide. He was on medications for a disease, multiple sclerosis, and had been withdrawing from Ambien. He was also being treated for depression.

There is some evidence that the man was intending to kill himself; the 54-year-old had previously said he was depressed and wanted to have a car wreck to die. At his top speed, the man had reached 101 mph in his vehicle just a few seconds before he crashed. He was going 87 mph when he impacted the SUV that had the victims inside.

Family members left in the wake of a reckless driver must deal with the pain; however, they may also experience financial losses as well. Personal injury attorneys help them seek compensation for their loved ones’ deaths.

Source: The Bellingham Herald, “Former executive enters guilty plea in fatal 2013 crash” Lynne Tuohy, Feb. 18, 2015


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