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Alleged drunk driver causes injury, power outage in New Hampshire

| Mar 30, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Normally, only a few people are impacted by a car accident. The people in the accident itself, their friends and their families may all suffer the consequences of injuries or deaths that happen as a result of the accident. In some cases, a crash can do more damage than that alone, and in this one reported in New Hampshire, hundreds of people had to go without power thanks to the crash.

The crash report from March 14 discussed a crash that took place in Bow, New Hampshire. The crash was allegedly caused by a man who now faces drunk driving charges. Because of the crash, one person was injured and around 900 people had to go without power.

The news reports that the 57-year-old driver had been driving south on Route 3A when he drove into the intersection of Vaughn and River Road. It was there that he collided with a car that had been in front of him, causing the other driver to suffer a shoulder injury. The allegedly drunken driver’s vehicle went on to collide with a utility pole, which was damaged. This caused the major power outage to the area.

Fortunately, the person who was hurt did not have to be transported to the hospital for treatment. He was able to be treated at the scene. The police haven’t reported if the driver intends to file a claim against the driver, but their drunk driving charges are pending and could result in penalties for the driver who caused the accident if he’s found to be at fault.

Source: Union Leader, “Two-car accident on Route 3A,” March. 14, 2015


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