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Some common issues caused by dog bites

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2015 | Animal Bites |

When you’re attacked by an animal that is owned by someone, you normally will have access to records on that animal. You should be able to access vaccination records, vet visit information, and other information about the medical health of the dog or cat. In the case that you can’t get this information, you will likely have to go through much more medical care for your personal injury. These ongoing medical treatments are the reason many people seek out personal injury claims against the dog owners.

What are some of the medical procedures you may need to go through? To start with, if you can’t find records on the animal’s vaccinations, you will need to get rabies and tetanus shot treatments. Rabies shots can be incredibly painful and must be performed on a schedule regularly until the risk of the disease has passed.

Rabies is not curable once it creates symptoms, so prevention is the only possible method of treatment. Tetanus can cause problems like lock jaw and can be fatal if not treated. Normally, pets get vaccinations against these and other potential infectious diseases. Without knowing if the pet has had them, it’s not possible to skip treatment.

Another thing you need to consider is the damage to your body. When a dog bites you, the skin, tendons, ligaments, and muscle tissues may be damaged. Each part of your body may need surgery to be repaired due to the nature of the bite. Because dogs have rounded teeth and strong jaws, the damage to your tissues under the skin can be extreme, leading you to needing multiple surgical procedures.

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