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You deserve compensation after a truck or car accident

| Apr 29, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Imagine driving down the highway like you do any other day. Normally, you don’t have any trouble, so you’re simply staying in lane and under the speed limit to stay safe. Suddenly, a large commercial vehicle comes up beside you. Then, while you’re still in your lane, the vehicle tries to merge into your lane, causing you to go off the road and to get into an accident.

This is just one example of how a truck can cause an accident that could lead to your injury; while your case may be different, the idea is the same. When a negligent driver causes you to get in an accident, you’re in a position to ask for compensation.

There are multiple reasons a driver may make an error on the roads. Not getting enough sleep, speeding to meet deadlines, using drugs or drinking too much alcohol before getting behind the wheel, or failing to load the truck properly can all be causes of crashes. Most of these issues could be avoided with safety precautions and common sense, but once a crash takes place, there’s little to do except for seeking out the compensation you need to cover the cost of your care.

You’ll need to consider your medical bills now and in the future, the wages you’ve lost, the earnings you may never receive due to injury, and other financial losses to decide on a settlement or how much to ask for in court. Our website has more information on truck crashes and what you need to do to be compensated. You were hurt by someone else’s negligence, and it’s important that party is held responsible.


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