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Focus on recovering and get compensated with Social Security

| May 20, 2015 | Workers' Compensation |

After you are in a work accident, getting the compensation you want and need may seem like a daunting task to take on. You could still be recovering; you may not be able to work anymore, and your new disability could be a struggle to live with. One of the things you can do following your accident is to apply for Social Security Disability if you can no longer work or work like you used to. This can be applied for on top of seeking workers’ compensation, making it an additional benefit that can help you make up lost wages for now and in the future due to your disability.

When you apply for Social Security Disability, there are intricate forms that could be confusing. If you misread or answer a question incompletely, you could have the form returned to you and would need to start over the whole application process again. If that happens, it will be rejected.

No one wants to have to start over, but if your claim is rejected, it could be one of your options. You could also seek an appeal, in which you could explain why you deserve the disability income you’re after. When you’re filing an appeal, do not miss a deadline, because this could result in your appeal being automatically rejected.

Social Security Disability payments may not be the only kind of compensation you’ll receive from your injury, so there may be more information that you need to provide to various sources to get the reparations you deserve. Our website has more information you can read about Social Security Disability, workers’ compensation and other kinds of compensation you can seek after a workplace accident.


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