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Motorcyclist killed in tragic morning accident in New Hampshire

| May 25, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcyclists are typically at a higher risk of injury when they’re riding on roads and highways in your area. If a driver fails to see them, the impact against the human body can be devastating, resulting in broken bones and head injuries, pain and potentially death. Motorcyclists have the same rights as anyone else on the roads, but a variety of factors can make them harder to see or judge the speed of, putting them at risk.

News from May 24 in New Hampshire discussed a young man who was killed while riding his motorcycle to work on a Friday morning. The man, who was from Hudson, was 34 years old. While much of his accident hasn’t been discussed in the news, what has been reported is that the man was struck by a vehicle just a few miles away from work.

His wife claims that her husband always rode safe and wore his helmet along with other motorcycle gear. At home, he had three children and his wife, so he focused on safety on his bike. His wife now hopes that her husband’s death can at least bring some attention to the risks motorcyclists face on the roads.

While New Hampshire may not seem like a state where motorcyclists would frequent, there are many there who are at risk due to drivers who don’t see them or who aren’t paying attention. In this case, no one has been cited yet, according to the news, but as police investigate, there should be more information released to the public.

Source: WMUR, “Family mourns Hudson man killed in motorcycle crash,” Suzanne Roantree, May. 24, 2015


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