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Who regulates workplace safety in New Hampshire?

| Jul 9, 2015 | Workers' Compensation |

As an employee, you have several rights that you need to know about. For instance, you have a right to a safe workplace, and you also have the right to make a claim for workers’ compensation or insurance coverage in the case that you get hurt at work.

In New Hampshire, your workplace must be kept in good condition. This is an administrative rule that is required by the Safety and Health Services. On top of that, you are also entitled to properly managed and reasonable toilet facilities and drinking water at your workplace.

If you feel that your workplace is dangerous, you can report the danger. For instance, if some of the machinery you are using is outdated and dangerous, your employer may still want you to use it, but that could be illegal. It’s better to ask and be safe than to use equipment that could cause an injury that puts you in the hospital.

Your employer is required to follow the rules and regulations that have been published by the New Hampshire Department of Labor. The New Hampshire Administrative Rules determine how you should be treated in the workplace. These are combined with the Safety & Health of Employees documents to show the state’s requirements for employee safety and training. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration also oversees your work site, so any injuries or fatalities should always be reported to the state. OSHA is a federal agency, not a state agency, and has the ability to deal with federal errors and safety issues in the workplace.

Source: New Hampshire Department of Labor, “Safety FAQ,” accessed July 09, 2015


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