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How can you prevent motorcycle accidents in the fall?

| Oct 15, 2015 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Are the hazards of riding a motorcycle in the fall enough to put you off driving? As a motorcyclist who may now be working with an attorney to claim compensation for an accident, it’s important that you stay safe in the future and keep an eye on the traffic and changing weather conditions. Autumn also brings out issues related to slick roads, darker days, and potentially drivers who aren’t expecting motorcyclists to be riding on the roads any longer. With this in mind, these tips may help you stay safer on the roads.

First, autumn has shorter days. This means that nightfall comes sooner, and it makes you harder to see. Make sure you wear reflective gear and be particularly careful to look for other drivers. Always use your lights, and make sure that you slow down to prevent accidents that could be caused by drivers who can’t see you coming.

Sunlight, which is fading in the autumn, also has the potential to blind you as you drive thanks to the now-naked trees. With the sun at a lower level as you drive, you may find it hard to see or concentrate on the road, which is why sunglasses or visors to reduce glare are particularly effective at this time of year.

Probably most important to your safety is dressing correctly for the weather. Have you ever driven when you were too cold? It makes you tired very quickly. You can’t focus, because your body is working to keep you warm enough. On top of that, you may find yourself sluggish or unable to move your hands well due to the cold. Make sure to take regular rest stops and warm up when you can to prevent this dangerous fatigue.

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