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What are some time limits for claims in New Hampshire?

| Dec 16, 2015 | Workers' Compensation |

Did you know that you’re limited to a certain amount of time after you suffer an injury before your claim will have no standing? A statute of limitations is a rule that restricts how long you have to make a claim for compensation after an injury. For instance, if you’re hurt at work, you should file as soon as possible for workers’ compensation. If you don’t do it immediately, you could be at risk of losing the chance to do so.

The rule in New Hampshire is that you have two years from the date of injury to notify your employer about your injury and that you intend to claim benefits. If you were injured over time, your claim should be made in a reasonable amount of time from the moment when you realize you’re injured. You’ll need to write down the date you realized you had an injury and the possible relationship between your injury and your employment.

If your benefits are denied, you can make a claim with the help of your attorney to have them reviewed again at a hearing. You need to make sure you file documents for the hearing as soon as possible after a denial, since you have only 18 months from the date of the denial to make your request for a hearing.

If you lose your benefits and want to have them reinstated, make sure you request to have them back before four years have passed. If you wait longer, you may be barred from being able to make a claim for those benefits.

Source: New Hampshire Department of Labor, “Timeframe for Filing a Claim,” accessed Dec. 16, 2015


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