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How many people are affected by impaired driving every day?

| May 25, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Impaired driving affects many people every day. Imagine driving down the street in the evening; anyone who is driving next to you may have come from a bar or restaurant where alcohol was served. If one of these drivers had too much to drink, your life could be put at risk, or you could be involved in a serious accident that leaves you with lasting injuries.

Even if you’re driving during the day, someone who took a new prescription could be having dangerous side effects or a person taking illicit drugs could have chosen to get behind the wheel.

How many people are killed daily due to impaired driving?

While you can seek compensation when a person is negligent when driving, it’s important to know the facts about drunk and impaired driving. It’s a fact that 28 people are killed in the USA every day because of being involved in a motor vehicle accident with an alcohol-impaired driver. That works out to around one person being killed every 53 minutes.

How many people who are killed are children?

It’s not just drivers and adults who suffer the consequences in these accidents. In 2014, 209 child passengers were killed in impaired driving collisions. These children were, in around 50 percent of the cases, riding with the person who was impaired at the time of the accident and had no choice in whether or not they’d be in the vehicle. Remember, these drivers may not have been drunk; they could be impaired from smoking marijuana, taking other drugs, or even being on prescription medications.

Source: Injury Prevention & Control: Motor Vehicle Safety, “Impaired Driving,” accessed May 25, 2016


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