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Woman faces trial for the death of motorcyclist

| Jun 9, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

When you’re on the road as a motorcyclist, you know that you’re at a higher risk of injury than other drivers. You have fewer layers of protection between yourself and the vehicle that may strike you or the road you are thrown onto. In an accident, you could face fatal injuries.

If you are killed in an accident, then your family may be able to seek compensation with a civil lawsuit. On top of that, they may be involved in the criminal trial, where they can see that your story is presented accurately.

In this case, a driver is claiming that her brakes gave out, causing her to collide with a retired teacher on a motorcycle crossing a busy intersection in Allenstown. The 24-year-old woman’s Ford Focus allegedly had a mechanical defect that resulted in the brakes failing; the rear brakes were allegedly leaking and wouldn’t have passed an inspection.

The prosecution believes the woman didn’t try to stop; She had used her car earlier in the day without incident. On top of that, one witness said she didn’t see the woman’s brake lights come on before the accident. No alcohol, speeding or other substances were involved in the crash, the report states, and the woman had just been driving to work.

The former teacher and victim of the collision lost his leg below the knee. He was taken to Concord Hospital where he died later that day. The family agreed with a plea deal the prosecution offered, but she turned it down, opting to take the case to trial with her claim of a brake defect.

Source: Concord Monitor, “Trial begins for driver in accident that killed Concord teacher,” Jeremy Blackman, May 25, 2016


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