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Bike Week: Safer on or off the roads?

| Jul 5, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Bike Week is in late June, and for those who participated in that week or other motorcycling events, deciding if the event is safe or not is a serious concern. In New Hampshire, there were five life-threatening crashes during Bike Week, just during the first few days.

Wearing the right clothing, maintaining a motorcycle and wearing a helmet are key to staying safe if an accident does occur; avoiding drinking and driving is wise as well. Why do some people risk their safety for Bike Week? Simply put, they love to ride. On a motorcycle, they can smell and see more, feel the wind and rain and feel in touch with the movement of the bike. Of course, that exposure also puts you at risk of injury if someone makes a poor driving decision and collides with you.

One good thing about Bike Week is that many of the companies that sell motorcycles do require individuals to go through a short class, which includes a tutorial, before you can test drive their motorcycle. Some don’t, though, like Harley-Davidson. That means anyone with a motorcycle license, no matter how new, can get on a bike and test drive it on the roads.

When you’re on your motorcycle, remember that it’s not only you who has to be safe. Watch out for other drivers; Bike Week might be on your mind, but they may not be aware that so many people will be out on the roads. Keep safe and remember that you have every right to be on the roads; if you’re hurt, you can file a claim against negligent drivers.

Source: Concord Monitor, “Weighing the thrill versus risk of riding a motorcycle during Bike Week,” June 17, 2016


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