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Hit by a car? You may be entitled to compensation

| Jul 20, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle accidents happen often, and the injuries that result can be some of the most devastating. Fortunately, motorcyclists do have some of the best tools at their disposal. The bikes can easily be maneuvered to avoid accidents, and they have powerful brakes. They are free of obstructions, and one can look around freely.

Despite this, if you are hit by a driver who pulls out in front of you, it’s not your fault. People should be aware of motorcyclists on the roads. There are some ways to protect yourself, though.

How can motorcyclists prevent injuries to themselves?

To reduce the odds of serious injuries or death, remember always to wear safety gear. It can make you more visible to other drivers and protect you if you fall off the motorcycle or are hit.

What are some common causes of motorcycle crashes?

Cars turning left in front of a motorcyclist result in the most crashes. If the driver fails to see you coming, then he or she will pull out into traffic; that can result in you colliding with the front, side or rear of the vehicle. The head-on collision is the most dangerous, and it can result in you being thrown from your motorcycle.

Cars changing lanes may also be an issue if the driver doesn’t see you. Your motorcycle can fit into blind spots, so remember to move ahead or fall back behind a vehicle, so you can see if the driver intends to turn or move into a different lane.

Our website has more information about motorcycle crashes and the steps to take next to seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional distress and more.


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