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Event company facing wrongful death suit in tent collapse

| Aug 12, 2016 | Wrongful Death |

A wrongful death suit and other serious charges are being brought against an event operator based out of Florida, nearly a year after a tragic accident at the Lancaster Fairgrounds claimed several lives.

On Aug. 3, 2015, roughly 100 individuals were inside a circus tent on the fairgrounds when a severe storm arose. The strong winds were too much for the temporary structure to withstand, and the tent collapsed. Not only were 50 people injured, but a man and his young daughter were killed in the accident.

After a year of grieving by the deceased parties’ loved ones, the event company has been served seven separate lawsuits, including a wrongful death suit. The company is also facing felony accusations of operating without the correct license, as well as several other serious violations. The company has responded to requests for comment by stating that it does not have enough information about the charges to “form a belief” about them.

Some concerned parties have responded to this tragedy by raising questions about the effectiveness of current state codes that govern the construction and maintenance of temporary structures, such as the tent that collapsed. Building officials and firefighters have assured these concerned groups that New Hampshire’s current codes are sufficient when they are actually followed.

Stories like these sadly remind us that tragedy can strike in even the most unlikely of places. Those who have lost a loved one and believe that they may have a wrongful death claim will find that the guidance of an experienced attorney can help ensure that their claim is heard fairly and their losses are compensated equitably.

Source: heraldtribune.com, “Sarasota-based circus faces wrongful death suit,” Aug. 03, 2016


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