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What are some dangers of fall driving?

| Aug 18, 2016 | Car Accidents |

With autumn approaching, there are some exciting times ahead. Fall holidays are close, and evening football games at local high schools kick into high gear. While autumn can be an entertaining time, it can also mean there are extra dangers on the roads. If you’re involved in a crash, it could mean filing a lawsuit to get compensated for your vehicle’s damages and any injuries you’ve suffered.

One of the main issues is back-to-school traffic. When kids go back to school, there’s more traffic including buses and cars on the roads. Some drivers will be teens who learned to drive over the summer; they’re more likely to be inexperienced and to cause accidents. Back-to-school travel also means more pedestrians, so you may notice an uptick in the number of kids walking near roadways.

Another somewhat underestimated setback in the fall is falling leaves. They litter the roads, but more importantly, they can gather on vehicles and make it hard to see out windows. Leaves on the top of cars may fall off when the driver pulls away, distracting other drivers. Another issue is that the beauty of the changing leaves can make drivers want to slow down and appreciate the view. That’s great if they stop, but if not, their sudden slowdowns can cause accidents.

Probably the biggest concern during the autumn is rain and sleet. Even hail is a possibility as the seasons begin to change. The first few weeks of autumn are the most dangerous, because water pools on oil and dust that has gathered on the roads during the hot summer. With less rain in the summer, those slick materials didn’t get washed away, and that means your vehicle could be more likely to slide now. That, combined with the other factors above, makes the autumn a dangerous time of year.

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