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3 serious dangers to motorcyclists on the roads today

| Sep 22, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

There are many dangers to motorcyclists on the roads today, but there are a few that are more dangerous than others. These include turning vehicles, panic stops and oncoming traffic.

Here are a few examples. With turning vehicles, a driver who decides to pull out in traffic should be looking both ways to make sure no one is coming. Motorcycles are harder to see, and their speeds may be misjudged. If the vehicle pulls out, it’s more likely to cut the motorcyclist off and cause a crash.

Panic stops are stops you make quickly to avoid getting into an accident and something you might do if you see a vehicle pull out in front of you. While this is dangerous for anyone, it’s particularly hard on motorcyclists because of how their brakes work. The front brakes provide around 70 percent of all stopping power, so if a motorcyclist grabs the brake too hard, he or she could be thrown from the motorcycle. Even with anti-lock brakes, stopping quickly can result in an accident, and because there’s no impact, the other driver may not stop at the scene to address the fact that he or she cut you off.

Oncoming traffic is also a danger. Imagine entering into an intersection; you can make a turn, but you have to make sure oncoming traffic actually stops at a red light, so you don’t get hit. Sometimes, when lights are yellow or have only just turned to red, drivers feel they can push their luck and get through quickly. That’s dangerous and puts you and others at risk as they blow through a red light.

If you’re injured in any of these situations, you may have a case against the driver who hit you or caused an accident. These are just a few potential dangers; stay alert and be prepared if you’re involved in a crash.

Source: Autos Cheat Sheet, “10 Biggest Dangers to Motorcyclists on the Road,” Collin Woodard, accessed Sep. 22, 2016


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