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Staying safe in school zones: You can protect your kids

| Sep 13, 2016 | Car Accidents |

When it’s time for kids to go to school, the roads become an entirely different landscape than in the summer. Now, drivers need to be aware of several changes.

First, drivers should always be slowing down around schools. If you get out of your vehicle and are hit by someone who is speeding over the posted limit in the school zone, that negligent driver may have not only committed a criminal act but also a civil violation that you can sue or claim for on insurance.

Another thing drivers need to do is to be aware of school buses. Any time a bus stops and has its stop sign come out, drivers have to stop traveling in both directions. This is to protect children who will be getting on or off the bus. Impatient drivers who swerve around a bus put children and others in danger of an accident and are breaking the law.

How can drivers help prevent accidents when it’s time for kids to return to school?

If it’s been over 30 years since you’ve gone to a refresher driving course, make an appointment. Laws change and good habits might be lazier over time, so taking the time to renew focus on the rules of the road is important. Drivers should make sure to know when they must slow in school zones and obey specialty signs that may have special rules for certain times of day.

If your child or you are hurt by a negligent driver, you’re not alone. Our website has more information on how you can seek damages for your injuries and losses.


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