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Are there ways to prove fault if a dog bites you?

| Oct 19, 2016 | Animal Bites, Firm News |

In most states, strict liability means that a dog’s owner will have to pay for any damages or injuries caused by his or her animal. If you need to prove that the animal attacked you for any reason or need additional evidence for your case, here are a few things you should look for.

First, it’s important to know if the owner has ever had a problem with his or her dog in the past. If it frequently snaps or bites or there have been complaints in the past about its behavior, then the owner should have known that there was a problem with the animal and that further training was needed. The owner should have taken steps to keep people safe from the pet.

Another thing that you can use to your advantage is the premises where the dog is kept. If the owner has a warning sign that says “beware of dog,” use this fact to prove that the owner knew the animal could be vicious.

Additionally, if the owner states any facts about the animal’s past, whether it’s about fights with other dogs or aggressive behavior in general, this is important information that you can use in your case. If the owner warned you about coming up to his or her animal, the owner knew there was a risk to you.

In most situations, it will be up to the owner to defend him or herself, and it won’t be your responsibility to place the blame. New Hampshire laws require owners to take responsibility for their pets’ actions.

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