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How can you keep safe on a motorcycle in the autumn and winter?

| Nov 21, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

There are a number of risks that motorcyclists face on the roads, and in the autumn and winter, they can become more dangerous than ever. Things like potholes and changing weather conditions can impact one’s ability to ride safely, and other drivers may not be thinking about motorcyclists being on the road because of the time of year.

In approximately two out of three accidents, it’s the driver of another vehicle who is at fault for a motorcycle collision. In most cases, those drivers violated the motorcyclist’s right of way, leading to the crash. Sadly, motorcyclists who are involved in an accident are around 26 times more likely to be killed. Considering this, it’s important to think of a few ways to stay safer during the autumn and winter holiday season.

First, remember to check the weather. If it’s going to be cold, you should account for that and determine if riding is safe or if you should take a car or other transportation option. If you do choose to ride a motorcycle, make sure to keep yourself warm and to take breaks often; the cold can creep up on you and make you tired much faster than usual. Cold hands can make it hard to work the controls on the motorcycle, too.

Consider the fact that the nights get dark sooner, and wear reflective gear. The more visible you can make yourself, the less likely it will be for another driver to hit you. Drivers may not be expecting to see motorcyclists on the roads when it’s cold outside.

If you are still hit, the person responsible should have to cover the expenses you accrue while seeking medical care, missing work or traveling for treatment. If this doesn’t happen, an attorney can provide information on pursuing a personal injury lawsuit.

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