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You can avoid a crash with training and observation

| Nov 1, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Data has shown that the highest risk of being involved in an accident on a motorcycle takes place when a rider is new to the roads. For example, in the story of one man, he recounted receiving a motorcycle for his 40th birthday party. He took a weekend training course and got a New York license soon after. Within a couple of months, he had dropped the bicycle twice while he was riding. Both of those times, his main injury was only his pride; he admits that both times, he was cocky and fortunate that he dropped his bike at a standstill.

It is true that the most dangerous time for motorcyclists is the first year of riding. The first month is the highest risk. In the case of the man above, he has become more cautious and hasn’t dropped his bike since. He said he likes to ride on back roads and won’t take fast turns; becoming a more cautious rider has made him safer, which is what is needed to help avoid other dangerous drivers.

It’s around four times riskier to take a motorcycle out for a ride in the first 30 days and at any other time during the entire second year of a motorcyclist’s licensing. Realistically, the fast track to getting a motorcyclist on the road puts him or her in harm’s way. Just going up a hill requires many manual functions. For new riders or those new to manual functions, this can be difficult and time-consuming to learn.

What can you do to reduce your chance of being in a motorcycle accident? Take your time, take a class or two and don’t get too confident. Improve your knowledge and know what to look for on the roads. Keep an eye out for drivers who might pull out in front of you and stay far enough back so that you can stop with enough time if a driver brakes quickly. If you’re hit by someone else after taking the time to get your skills perfected, it’s important to understand that you can file a claim. Our website has more information.


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