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Staying safe on the roads starts at home

| Dec 2, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Being prepared for winter is a must-do in New Hampshire; the snow and ice can hit suddenly, and cold, frigid temperatures make it hard to get around without planning. Since there are additional hazards in winter, it’s wise to take some time to prepare. For example, before you even leave your home, you should look up the weather conditions for the day. Knowing that a snow storm is rolling in can help you arrange your travels when you’re least likely to get caught in it.

Not actively preparing for winter driving can cause accidents. A driver who is distracted could try to turn too quickly, hitting a patch of ice, or a driver who is speeding along might find that the road provides less traction than usual, making it hard to stop before hitting oncoming traffic.

Always give yourself plenty of space on the roads. Put a distance between yourself and other drivers, so if they make a mistake, it doesn’t necessarily impact your vehicle. Slow down, and stop if the conditions get so bad that you can’t see well in front of you. Many times, accidents happen when drivers should just admit that it’s too dangerous to be on the roads.

If you find yourself behind a snow plow, keep back a safe distance. These vehicles travel slowly, and the driver has restricted vision, so he or she may not see you if you’re too close.

Accidents will still happen, and you’re within your rights to seek a claim if someone hits you. Take some time to prepare before you head out, so you can attempt to avoid negligent drivers with your defensive driving techniques.

Source: NH Life, “NH Winter Driving Tips: Snow and Ice Safety On the Roads,” accessed Dec. 02, 2016


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