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Cat bites: As serious or more serious than bites from dogs

| Mar 23, 2017 | Animal Bites |

Despite the fact that many people discuss dog bites when they think of animal bites, the truth is that cat bites are as dangerous or potentially even more so when it comes to infection. Cat bites, specifically those to the hands, can cause serious infections that impact your life in a variety of ways.

Cat bites can lead to serious bacterial infections, according to Mayo Clinic, and these are difficult to treat. The infections most often occur in puncture wounds, so they’re deep in the hand. The punctures close over quickly, but since the wound does not bleed as much as a wider wound, it’s more likely to retain dangerous bacteria.

Bites are more likely to lead to hospitalization in cases where joints or tendons are involved. It’s common to see redness, pain and swelling around the puncture. People who struggle with immune-deficiency disorders are at a higher risk of injury and infection than others.

Cats have a dangerous bite due to the sharpness of their teeth. The punctures run deep into the hand, potentially puncturing joints or tendons. If bacteria gets into a tendon sheath or a joint, the wound typically requires surgery for a deep cleanse. If surgery is delayed, then it’s possible to lose joint mobility in the hand and ultimately to suffer from significant injuries.

If you’re bitten by a person’s cat, you have a right to pursue a claim. While most laws focus on dog bites, cat bites have the potential to lead to medical needs that exceed those of dog bites. Your attorney can help you determine who is to blame and how you can get the compensation you need.

Source: MinnPost, “Cat bites to the hand can cause serious infections, Mayo study finds,” accessed March 23, 2017


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