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Cat bites may be more dangerous than you originally thought

| May 19, 2017 | Animal Bites |

When people think of potentially dangerous animal bites, probably very few consider cat bites to have the potential of becoming a problem. In fact, it might be shocking to find out that cat bites have the highest risk of becoming infected than any other type of animal bite.

One reason cat bites can be so harmful has to do with the type of teeth they have. Cat’s teeth are very sharp and have a slender profile, features that allow them to not only puncture an individual’s skin, but penetrate more deeply as well.

Those who are bitten by cats are particularly vulnerable to having the sensitive membrane that surrounds the body’s tendons and joints to become infected. While most antibiotics are capable of killing bacteria a cat may transfer to an individual through a bite, this area of the human body is particularly resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, any bacteria introduced to this area of the body has a high chance of multiplying at a rapid rate.

Of all cat bite wounds, one-third of them result in the individual that is bitten having to be hospitalized. A rare few even have to ultimately have surgery to flush out the infected tissue. Given this concern, any cat bite should be watched closely to see it becomes infected.

Interestingly, the hand is the part of the human body that is more susceptible to becoming infected that any other area. This largely has to do with the fact that our hands contain a number of different tendons and joints throughout. It also is the case because a person’s hands are exposed to the largest amount of dirt or debris during any given day.

Signs that your wound has become infected can show up in as little as a few hours after you’ve been bitten. Swelling or redness are among the first noticeable signs an infection has occurred. If those symptoms worsen or persist for several days, you definitely should seek medical treatment immediately.

If you’ve been bitten by a cat while visiting another person’s home or place of business, you may be entitled to recover medical and other expenses. In learning more about the circumstances surrounding your incident, a Portsmouth, New Hampshire, personal injury attorney can advise you as to any potential remedies you have.

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