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Mother of man killed in police shooting refiles suit against city

| May 12, 2017 | Wrongful Death |

The mother of a 41-year-old man shot and killed by police in Haverhill, New Hampshire, has refiled a wrongful death lawsuit against the city. The case was filed in federal court for the District of New Hampshire.

The two officers involved in the shooting and the city of Haverhill have filed motions asking for the case to be dismissed or to go before a jury.

The shooting occurred on July 6, 2015. According to the news reports from then, the shooting happen after the man crashed his vehicle into a boulder. He started walking along the highway, and he was carrying a knife, according to calls from witnesses to the police department. One of the body camera videos was released by the police department and it shows what appears to be some sort of injury to the man’s stomach.

The video shows the officers telling the man to drop the knife as the man continues to walk toward them. He then turns to walk in the other direction, then begins to run toward the officers with a knife in his hand. The officers fired their weapons at that time.

When the mother first filed the lawsuit, she was seeking $500,000 in damages. There are nine counts alleged in the complaint, including wrongful death, infliction of emotional distress, battery, violation of civil rights, common law civil conspiracy and negligent supervision and training. The woman’s attorney alleges that her son was killed “without adequate justification,” and that “the unconstitutional practices of the town of Haverhill caused the unjustified shooting. He also alleges that “there was a custom to allow the over-aggressive use of firearms.”

The two officers and the two filed their responses to the lawsuit on May 5. Their responses included the New Hampshire attorney general’s office report that cleared the two officers of wrongdoing and stating that the shooting was justified.

When someone is killed through the actions of another, the family can bring a wrongful death action against that person — or entity as seen in the case above. An experienced lawyer can determine if you have a case against someone for taking the life of your loved one.

Source: caledonianrecord.com, “Lawsuit Refiled Against Town in Fatal Police Shooting,” Robert Blechl, May 05, 2017


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