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Avoiding common motorcycle accidents in New Hampshire

| Sep 20, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Riding a motorcycle in New Hampshire can be thrilling and peaceful all at the same time. With fall rapidly approaching, many motorcycle riders will be heading out to take in the beautiful foliage throughout the state. With more motorcycles on the road, the dangers for riders can become worse. Here’s some tips for avoiding common motorcycle accidents.

The most common type of motorcycle accident occurs when a car or truck makes a left turn in front of a bike. It’s difficult for motorists to see motorcycles, which is why this accident happens so often. If you want to be a safe motorcycle rider, you need to develop a sixth sense and anticipate this type of accident happening. Slow your speed, cover your brakes and be prepared to make an evasive maneuver.

Another common accident is when another vehicle rear-ends your motorcycle. There’s only so much you can do to protect yourself from this accident when in motion. But, when stopped at an intersection, you can position your bike to prevent such an accident. This includes placing yourself in between two other vehicles, or moving toward the sidewalk. Give yourself plenty of space between where you are stopped and where an approaching vehicle will stop.

Make sure that you use speeds you can handle. Never enter a corner or turn going too quickly. It can send you flying off your bike, skidding across the road. Your best bet here is to take all curves and turns going under the speed limit.

Being safe on a motorcycle is important for every rider. You are only as safe as the other motorists around you. If you’ve suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident, visit our site to learn how our experienced attorneys can help your case.


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