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How to make yourself visible on a motorcycle

| Oct 27, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Are you planning to go for a ride on your motorcycle this fall in Portsmouth? If so, you will want to enact as many safety procedures as possible. Riding is dangerous but it doesn’t have to be deadly. An excellent way to keep yourself safe on the roads of New Hampshire is to make yourself as visible as possible to other motorists. Here are some tips to follow.

One of the first things you can do to make yourself visible to other motorists is to ride a motorcycle that is colorful. So many bikes are dark in color that they blend in and cannot be seen by motorists. If you drive a yellow or orange bike, you will definitely stand out when on the road.

Another good idea is to wear reflective clothing. You can add reflective strips to your jacket and pants. You can also add them to the tires of your motorcycle. If you don’t want to add reflective strips, you can always purchase and wear an approved road safety vest. These vests are bright yellow with orange stripes and are worn by police, firefighters, construction workers and more.

Make sure all of the lights work properly on your motorcycle before each and every ride. It goes without saying that you need the lights to work for your own safety. Consider riding with the lights on even during the daytime. It will make you even more visible to motorists.

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