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How to treat injuries and prevent infection after dog bites

| Oct 5, 2017 | Animal Bites |

If you have suffered a dog bite in Portsmouth, you will want to keep an eye on the area as much as possible. Once you have received medical care for the bite, you will need to care for it in an effort to prevent infection. Here are some tips for treating bite injuries so you can prevent infection after you’ve been bitten by a dog.

Once you return home from the doctor, be sure to elevate the area of your body where the bite is located, such as an arm or a leg. This helps to keep the blood flowing properly, which aids in the healing process. Wash the bite area with soap and water to keep it clean and free from infection. Once you wash the area, you can apply a sterile bandage to protect it from the elements. You must also apply ointment that is an antibiotic to prevent infection.

It’s also possible that your doctor could prescribe you oral antibiotics to take for roughly 14 days following the bite. These antibiotics will be in addition to the ointment applied to the bite area and also help with preventing infection from developing.

You might also need a rabies vaccination depending on the dog that bit you. If you don’t know the dog, your doctor will likely administer a vaccine. A vaccine will definitely be administered to you if the dog is known to have rabies.

Keep a close eye on the bite area and report any changes in color or size to the doctor.

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