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What are an employee’s responsibilities with an injury claim?

| Nov 29, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

When it comes to suffering an injury at work, employees have quite a bit of responsibility if they want to file a successful claim. Just know that access to workers’ compensation benefits is never guaranteed. You likely won’t receive benefits if you were injured at work while intoxicated, on drugs, while committing a crime or while breaking a company policy. So, what are the employee responsibilities when it comes to a claim?

It is the employee’s responsibility to report the injury as soon as possible. If possible, report the injury immediately after it happened so your supervisor can document it and help you seek medical care. If you cannot report it immediately because you are unconscious or are suffering some other type of serious injury, be sure to report it as soon as possible after you receive medical care.

Employees injured at work should be as cooperative as possible. Even though you have already seen your own doctor, or a doctor at the emergency room, you should still see the doctor requested by the insurance company. Refusing to be examined by any doctor other than your own will only raise cause for concern about your injury.

Be smart about your actions in and out of work after being injured. Many insurance companies hire private investigators to look into those who have filed claims to ensure they are legitimate. Even if you are feeling better, it’s best not to stray from the instructions given by the doctor.

Do you need help filing a workers’ compensation claim in Portsmouth? It can be difficult to understand this law and how your rights are protected. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can make this process much easier to understand.

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