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What do I do if I spot a drunk driver?

| Nov 14, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Getting behind the wheel is a very dangerous task that billions of people partake in each day. There’s no guarantee that the other motorists around you will be as safe and observant as you. There’s no guarantee that other motorists will drive with little to no distractions. There’s also no guarantee that there won’t be a drunk driver on the roads at the same time you are. So, what do you do if you spot a drunk driver?

If you believe you are witnessing a drunk driver near you on the road, you need to take a mental note of the vehicle make, model, color and license plate. If anything, get the license plate number memorized. Safely pull to the side of the road, or into a parking lot, and call 911. Do not make the call while driving unless you have a hands-free system in your vehicle.

Provide the 911 dispatcher with the exact location of the possible drunk driver. This includes street name and any cross streets. If you are on a highway, be sure to give recent exit numbers or mile markers.

You will also need to explain to the dispatcher how the vehicle was being driven. This is very important as it can help law enforcement catch it sooner rather than later. Never try to stop the vehicle yourself. Don’t even follow the vehicle unless you happen to both be driving in the same direction.

An attorney can help if you’ve been injured in a car accident by a drunk driver in Portsmouth. This is not a legal situation you will want to handle on your own.

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