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What are the texting and driving laws in New Hampshire?

| Jan 19, 2018 | Car Accidents |

You’ve probably heard that texting and driving is dangerous, but what does the law say about it in New Hampshire?

These laws are set at the state level. New Hampshire got the most recent update in 2015. It is known as a “hands-free” law, and it goes beyond just texting and driving.

Below are five key things you should know:

  1. Any electronic device that you hold in your hand is covered by this law. That means you can’t use a smartphone, a tablet, a computer or an e-book reader, among other things. It’s not just for cellphones.
  2. The GPS is included. You can still use a GPS, but you must set your route before you start driving and you can’t alter it while you drive. You also can’t hold the GPS while you drive, so you may want a dash-mount system.
  3. There is one exception: When you need to use a cellphone to get help in an emergency. The authorities don’t want people to stop calling 911 when it’s really needed for fear of getting pulled over.
  4. You cannot use the phone at a red light or a stop light. That does not count as being stopped. To use the phone, you’d have to remove the vehicle from traffic and put it in park in a legal parking spot.
  5. For minors who are under 18, even hands-free devices are not allowed. Adults who are 18 and older can use hands-free systems if they only need to push one button to start them.

Unfortunately, even with this law on the books, people still risk it and cause distracted driving accidents. Those who are hurt need to know what legal rights they have to financial compensation.

Source: WOKQ, “5 Things You Need to Know About the New Hands Free Law in NH [VIDEO],” Roy Sullivan, accessed Jan. 19, 2018


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