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Lawmaker calls for technology to keep roads safe

| Feb 1, 2018 | Car Accidents |

A lawmaker in the state of Maine is calling for technology to help make roads safer, not just in Maine but in neighboring New Hampshire too. The lawmaker, who represents York, cited a recent fatal accident in New Hampshire as the reason for the call for change on the major roadways, including the Maine Turnpike. The lawmaker also mentions a decrease in funding needed for regular tolls and a better impact on the environment.

The accident referenced by the lawmaker occurred at a toll booth plaza in Hampton. The vehicle crashed into the plaza with four people inside it. One passenger died and the other three people suffered serious injuries. The crash occurred as the vehicle tried to switch from one payment lane to another.

Right now, the legislature in Maine is in the second session, which means all bills presented must be accepted as emergency legislation. A bill has been proposed by the York lawmaker and accepted as emergency legislation. It is L.D. 1779. The reason it was accepted is the fact that the Maine Turnpike Authority is preparing to build a new toll plaza at the southern end of the roadway without using all-electronic technology.

This will be constructed at the York plaza and it will be a mix of manned booths and high-speed lanes that collect tolls electronically. The lawmaker is calling for all new toll booth construction be built using electronic devices and not manned booths.

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Source: Press Herald, “York Rep. Blume: We need new technology to keep Maine Turnpike safe,” Jan. 30, 2018


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