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Inexperienced motorcyclists face increased risk

| Mar 12, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Want to know how much of a risk it is to take that motorcycle out for a ride in New Hampshire? One key thing to consider is simply how long you have been riding.

When looking at the statistics, experts found that those who had been riding for under 12 months were in the greatest danger. Even more specifically, that danger was highest in the first 30 days.

For instance, one industry leader said that the first month that a new rider is on a bike is roughly four times as dangerous as the entirety of that rider’s second year on the road. The odds of being involved in a wreck are much higher in the initial days and weeks.

It does make sense. Riding a motorcycle is a new skill. It’s complex. It’s difficult. New riders make mistakes that more seasoned riders simply do not make. They also may miss warning signs that other riders will spot.

Does taking a training course help? Some of these courses, which end with a license, are set up to get drivers through as quickly as possible. One study determined that they did not help to keep students safe. In fact, a study even found that drivers who took classes crashed more often than others.

It appears that the only way to get around the risk is to get more experience. Time on the bike can reduce risk, but that still means that first year, and especially that first month, can be quite dangerous.

Remember, that danger doesn’t always mean the riders themselves made mistakes. They may simply fail to avoid hazards caused by other drivers. When this happens, injured motorcycle riders have to know what rights they have to financial compensation.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Data Show Risk Highest for New Motorcycle Riders,” accessed March 12, 2018


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